1. Send Blueprints to a MonoKast Licensee

• Select a project for consideration of MonoKast Precast Wall Systems.

•Contact a MonoKast representative with the help of the listing on the back of this brochure.

2. Evaluate & Layout Your MonoKast Walls

• A MonoKast design and technical team leader will evaluate your project and consult with you to develop a solution that meets your quality, cycle time, and final home builder’s budget requirements.

3. Review System Proposal & Recommendations

• A MonoKast representative will review the system alternatives, costs, and benefits with you.
• The MonoKast Precast Wall Systems provide a variety of manufacturing capabilities and design options tailored to your requirements.

4. Build with MonoKast Precast Technologies

• A complete MonoKast Precast Wall System can be manufactured and on your jobsite very quickly.

• When the wall system arrives on the jobsite, so does the MonoKast setup team, ready to install (typically in one day) all precast concrete insulated walls as specified.